Our Philanthropy 

Philanthropy, the effort or inclination to increase the well being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations, is one of the many ways in which the ladies of the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi at The University of Arizona distinguish themselves both among the campus community and at a National level. We achieve this through hosting numerous events to help raise money for our various philanthropies.  Our national philanthropy, The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, works to make people aware of the AIDS virus affecting young people, as well raising money for research for a cure. Our local philanthropy is the Steele Memorial Children’s Cancer Research Center at the University Medical Center. Their mission is to teach, to heal, and to discover.  They focus on the research of cancer, lung disease, and nutritional problems, but most importantly, the focus is always on the children. All proceeds from the incredible events we hold and wonderful projects we participate in go directly to one of these amazing philanthropies. 



Glazed for glasser

Sugar Phactory is one of the most fun events we put on! This is an event, held during our spring semester late at night and open to everyone at The University of Arizona.  With tons of delicious treats, music, and friends everyone has a great time while donating to a fantastic cause. We offer everything including cookies, candy, frozen yogurt, and more! The live DJ and festive decorations all add to the fun atmosphere to make it just like a real fair.  All proceeds made go directly to our international philanthropy Sharsheret. 


Snack Packs

In addition to our philanthropic efforts of raising money, we also participate in direct interaction with the Tucson community through community service. Our chapter takes part in weekly community service through an event called Snack Packs.  We pick up food from a food bank and make bags filled with this food and then deliver them to John E. Wright Elementary School every week. This food goes to 80 students for the weekend, and the contents of these bags are the only food these children will have to eat for the entire weekend.  It is a simple and fun way for our members to directly help those less fortune than themselves. 


Greek Philanthropies 

We are always excited to support other Greek philanthropy events. From Sigma Chi's Derby Days, Delta Tau Delta's Grand Prix and even Beta Theta Pi's Luau were always having a good time just to name a few.  We love showing our support for Greek Life and the organizations our fellow Greeks are supporting! Our Phi's cannot wait for the next philanthropy this upcoming fall. 

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